The LinkSidebar extension for Mozilla Firefox 3 enables you to work with hyperlinks.
The extension allows you to:

screenshot of the Linksidebar extension
LinkSidebar extension showing the links in the Mozilla Firefox homepage

Click here to install the extension

Once installed, you can open the links sidebar with the shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+L) or through the view menu (View->Sidebar->Links).

Search Links

You can enclose a phrase in quotes to find the exact phrase. You can use a minus (-) sign before any word to exclude links containing that word from the results.

For example, to search for all the links to youtube videos except videos of cats, type "youtube -cats" in the search box.

Test Links

For example, to test all links in a webpage except Google ads, search for "" to filter out all ads and then right-click in the sidebar and select "Test all links."